More individual approach to kids

The biggest advantages of the private kindergarten “Kúzelná škôlka” are classes with less children and more teachers. The kindergarten consists of 2 classes. Daily there are in average 13-15 children in each class.

Every day, there are 3 preschool teachers in each class. The first one begins at 7:00, the second one at 9:00 and the third one at 13:00 when the first one ends. The second one ends at 15:00 and the third one ends at 17:00. 6 hours working time helps teacher not to become exhausted. It also makes possible to work with children in smaller groups of 7-8 members, since there are two teaching spaces in each class.


The meals are prepared in our own kitchen which is located in the spaces of crèche (the building next door). It is approved by the Office in accordance with strict hygiene standards with an emphasis on the content of energy and nutritional values needed for the child’s age. The menu for the month is available for parents. When cooking, we try to use seasonal vegetables.

Chickens are from the farm TOP-Farm in Topoľnica. In addition to premium chickens, we also get other poultry such as turkeys and ducks from this farm. Fish, specifically African catfish, preferred because of boneless, come from breeding at Thermal Park Vrbov in Slovakia and distribution is provided for us by Rybia farma Kunowský majer.

Milk, butter, cream and one kind of cheese come from farm near Trnava. From our own experience, we can confirm that this milk is of higher quality than conventional milk available in stores. It is fresh and only pasteurized, not chemically modified. Butter is prepared by centrifuging, it has a different consistency than regular butter from the shop. It is very suitable for preparation of spreads.