How to join
Kúzelná škôlka ?

The simplest way is to call the phone number 0908 619 619, or you can also send an e-mail to

Throughout the week, we prepare “introductory meetings” for interested persons, right in the kindergarten. These meetings take place after working hours, usually from 15:30 to 18:00, so that you could see the kindergarten with your partner, alternatively parents.

Founder, together with teachers of the kindergarten, will answer all your questions. The “introductory meeting” includes information about whole regime of kindergarten and filling in necessary documents. Inspection of whole area of the kindergarten is also part of the “introductory meeting”.

Private kindergarten “Kúzelná škôlka”

Private kindergarten “Kúzelná škôlka” accepts the children aged 2 to 6 years. The private kindergarten “Kúzelná škôlka” is classified in the network of schools and school facilities of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.
The classification decision, of 29.07.2014, number 2014-6093/36991:4-100B.

The building of the kindergarten for the class of Mravčekovia (from 3 to 4,5 years) is modernly and cleanly reconstructed. The building for the class of Sovičky (from 4,5 to 6 years) is newly built, first opened in 2016.

Each building consists of its own canteen, for which we cook in our own kitchen, 2 game spaces and bathroom with special sanitary facilities Laufen.

In our own kitchen, we use raw materials with the origin and composition of high quality. We cook with expanded offer of meals for the children with diets, or different eating habits, or requirements /gluten-free, without sugar/.

Part of the kindergarten is a spacious yard with a large grassy area (ca. 300 m2). The kindergarten has its own garden with a large lawn and garden for cultivation (ca. 620 m2). We breed pets, too /rabbit in the exterior, fish in the interior/.

Once a week, a male pedagogical element, art carver Mr. Ivan Slezák enriches our kindergarten. With great commitment, kind approach and understanding the individuality of every child, he makes art objects together with kids. Twice a week, children are taught English language by a lector, in small groups, there is regularly dancing club and for the class of Owls also physicochemical club.